Tom Ragan

👋 Hello! I'm a Toronto-based Front-End Developer with over nine years commercial experience across advertising agencies, tech start-ups and publishing houses situated in both London, UK & Toronto, Canada.

I push for both clean and simple design.

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Oct 2018 - Present

I work exclusively on the front-end for, working closely with designers to bring new UI elements and visuals to life through a modern approach to front-end code. I look to optimise and better the site experience as much as possible whilst adding new features and strengthening the brand. I aim to produce everything without compromise and without punishing the user on tablet and mobile experiences.

Using: HTML/CSS, jQuery, RWD, Bootstrap 2/3/4.x, Google Amp & more.


Nov 2019 - Present

I started building video games at the end of 2019, using the RPG Maker MV engine. This continues to be something I actively do on live on Twitch to engage with the dev community.

My first game can be played for free on Steam.

Used: HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Pixel Art/Photoshop, Illustrator

Into the Stacks

April 2018

This was a project for a new podcast about fantasy fiction. The hosts actively engage frequently with their audience on social media, but also required a website as a hub for their content & for people not using typical podcast applications.

I designed the logo and branding for Into the Stacks before building a static site. Data on each episode is generated from a single JSON file, and single posts are generated from Markdown files. Layout is achieved with a combination of both CSS Grid and Flexbox.

It's a very simple, minimalist build, with the goal to get users listening to the show as quickly as possible.

Used: Sketch, HTML, Sass, BEM, Flexbox/CSS Grid, Nunjucks, Gulp & more.


Jun 2016 - May 2018

Working exclusively on the front-end for for both UK and Irish markets. I worked on product launches for both the Galaxy Note7 & Galaxy S8/S8+ smartphones.

I've also personalised Samsung products to display different content based on a user's journey. This is achieved with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target.

Used: HTML/CSS, Sass, Handlebars, jQuery, Gulp, RWD, Bootstrap 4.x, Adobe Experience Manager & more.


Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

At Breakthrough, I built a WordPress site for 'Families Against Suffering and Trauma' (FAST). The site makes use of subtle CSS3 animations, custom WordPress theming and was completed within 5 weeks.

Afterwards, I took a project working remotely for a pharmaceutical start-up in Bristol. They needed a marketing page promoting their new features and services. This page fully utilised the Bootstrap grid.

Used: HTML/CSS, JS, WordPress/PHP, Gulp, Bootstrap & more.

Factory Media

Mar 2015 - Dec 2015

Factory Media's sales team required a MediaKit.
This was built from scratch using standard web technologies, plus a JS library for the parallax functionality. Rich use of CSS animations.

Used: HTML/CSS, Sass, jQuery, WordPress, Grunt, Gulp, Bootstrap 3.x & more.


Jul 2013 - Mar 2015

One project for Wagstaffs was to build an apartment finder tool for a London & Quadrant block of flats in London. The project is built in standard web tech, and scaled to run on a large touch screen which sat in the L&Q marketing suite. Potential buyers could look through floor plans and check out amenities in the area.

This project is best viewed on a desktop browser, zoomed out to ~80-90%.

Used: HTML/CSS, jQuery, Drupal 7, Unity 3D & more.


Some photographs I've taken with an old-school 1970's Praktica LTL film camera.
It's 100% manual & I often have no idea what I'm doing, but some shots came out well!