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We meet with all our clients so we can appreciate and understand all issues relating to any recruitment project thus ensuring we completely understand our clients requirements.

When starting a key recruitment project, working with an experienced operator will give you the expertise and impartial view of the market to work effectively in securing the right staff.

Databases and websites are undoubtedly useful for attracting the active job seeker but often the best person for your business is the passive candidate, someone who is being retained at your key competitor. Engaging Harperstone will help to increase your chances of attracting this person to your business before they even make that decision to start their job hunt online.

No two recruitment projects are ever the same and each requires its own individual solution. We provide our clients with a range of resourcing solutions and then recommend a tailor made approach designed to guarantee the creation of the best possible shortlist and so the best candidate for the role.

We have built a successful business around our ability to deliver on our promises. We can operate to very tight timescales without sacrificing any quality throughout the process. Please let us know if you would like to speak with any of our clients so that you can hear from them about the value we can bring to any external resourcing project or indeed a benchmarking exercise for internal candidates.

An Intelligent

As a niche market operator, we have extensive experience recruiting a broad range of roles for a variety of clients who primarily operate in the commercial and industrial sectors; including leisure, consumer goods, retail, technology, services and media.

Harperstone's approach and methodology is to simplify the recruitment process, focusing on successful delivery to our clients whilst building strong working relationships and encouraging open, honest communication.

Harperstone is consultative, collaborative and creates long term relationships, acting as a business partner to bring value to the recruitment process.

Securing the Right People

Securing the right people and creating talented teams is essential to the success of every business and its strategic goals. As a privately owned business, Harperstone has the flexibility and agility to think beyond the traditional behaviours of the recruitment industry. At Harperstone we use our extensive network to access the very best candidates for our clients and the very best career opportunities for our candidates.

We encourage open, honest, direct communication and simplicity in the financial recruitment process. Ultimately, delivery on a project is imperative, ensuring our clients' and candidates' expectations are met and managed throughout the recruitment process.

Harperstone recruits for and represents some of the most exciting companies in the world; global brands, fast growing SME’s, listed and privately held organisations, exciting emerging businesses. We work alongside these respected companies giving them access to the outstanding network of talented individuals Harperstone represents.
Why Harperstone should represent you


Harperstone works with and attracts some of the most talented people in the financial recruitment market. We aim to forge long term relationships with our candidates; they are vital and the lifeblood of our business. Through our initial meeting we ensure we have an understanding of your needs with frank, probing and challenging conversation. We will provide open and honest advice and feedback managing your expectations of the financial recruitment market at all times.

As a candidate at Harperstone you have access to the following:

  • Career management discussion - planning the next move

  • Our industry contacts

  • Medium and long term career planning - maximise your potential

  • Advice on your CV document - representing yourself to the market

  • Up to date market information - what the market can offer you

  • Remuneration package information and advice - compare yourself to your peers.

Trusted Expertise


With a strong reputation in both the domestic and international financial recruitment marketplace, Harperstone partners its clients closely, working with them to fully understand their recruitment plans and projects and to provide innovative and effective solutions. It is important to choose the right financial recruitment partner for any resourcing exercise; one you can communicate openly and effectively with using their expertise and experience.

As a client at Harperstone you have access to the following:

  • Access to the Harperstone network

  • Provision of good quality and appropriate candidates

  • Transparency in the process and simplified methods of working

  • Advice and help on how to attract the right people into your business

  • Advice and help on how to retain the right people in your business

  • Represent your company and sending a positive, consistent message to the market.

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News and Opinion

Nov 2013
Is your CV working hard enough?

Your CV is critical to your success.
It represents you and it is the first impression a potential employer has of you. Keep it concise and relevant. No gimmicks, no colours, no pictures.

The CV document should ideally be no more than three pages long and should focus on factual information like personal details, academic and professional qualifications, career history, achievements and progression...

If your CV is easy to follow and read this will make a positive initial impact and encourage the reader to finish reading the document. Keep their attention with relevant information.

Start with your most recent position. Your earlier career can be summarised to show your journey to where you are now without cluttering your CV with detail that is less important now. If you want to add a covering letter with your CV keep it brief, it is the facts on your CV employers are interested in.

The jury is out on the 'Executive Summary’. Our advice is don’t write one, it is not a good way to start your CV. Get to the point and grab the readers attention with the information they are looking for; education and professional qualification, who you work for, your position, your achievements and your progression. Company details are important to give the reader the perspective in which you work; turnover, division, Head Office, size of team etc. What you have achieved is vital. Employers want to know what you can do, what you are capable of.

Personal details should be basic without the fluff around family members, dogs name and hobbies you haven’t practiced for many years.

Include current salary details in full and a simple summary of expectations. Do not try to second-guess what the CV reader is looking for, it clouds the information you are presenting.

Dawn White

Harperstone is owned and managed by Dawn White who brings a fresh approach to financial recruitment with over two decades of experience and expertise.