About the Bookcast

Into the Stacks is the culmination of two decades of letter writing, phonecalls and even the odd floppy disk exchanged between two friends. As they encountered love, life and that all important world of work, their love of speculative fiction kept them going.

This year, as Cat moves across an ocean to Canada, their correspondence is going digital as they record a fortnightly bookcast talking about everything from fantasy to science fiction, paranormal romance to dystopian thrillers.


Cat has a true affinity for cuddly dogs, good coffee and Fanon!Draco. She is to blame for the ever expanding book boyfriend list that her and Ali have cultivated over the last twenty years, and will inhale anything urban fantasy or other worldly.

She’s currently writing a YA urban fantasy series, set in Toronto where she’s moving later this year, and can't help but imbue most of her characters with all of the snark.

Ali and Cat


Ali has loved speculative fiction ever since her dad read her six year old self The Hobbit, and loves nothing better than to lose herself in fictional worlds near and far.

She oscillates between romance editor, academic and writer whilst undertaking a PhD on feminism and romance, and is currently working on a paranormal romance series with Ancient Briton gods and the mortals who get in their way.