They’ve made it to Episode 4! This week, Cat and Ali wax lyrical over Nevernight (Jay Kristoff) and tackle some of life’s greatest mysteries - what are two book series called (duologies, not two-part trilogies, apparently), why don’t we have assassin schools IRL, and what makes us love an anti-heroine(/hero) so much? Tune in for the great penis/knife debate of 2018 and a leading-lady-heavy round of Baewatch. Expect occasional flashes of intellect, extreme fangirling over fictional crushes, some strong book recommendations for Steve (resident FBI Agent with the unfortunate task of listening in to their calls), and some unrepentant book nerding.

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Fangirling all the way to the New York Institute, it’s time for City of Bones, first in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Prepare for the distinct feeling that Alec disapproves.
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